LPG/AIR Mixing Gases System

LPG/AIR Mixing Gases System

Venturi Mixing System
Venturi Mixer utilizes the high pressure of LPG to induce atmospheric air to mix with it. The advantage is that it does not need the expensive air compressors but the disadvantages are very noisy and the relatively low and difficult to adjust mixed gas pressures and mixing ratio. A full range of Venturi mixers is available from Algas-SDI.

Proportional Valve Mixing System

Proportional valve mixer compressed air but the mixed gas pressure can be very high and both the pressure and mixing ratio are adjustable. Algas-SDI provides a range of these mixers, such as Blendaire. We can also supply air compressors from Quincy and Champion, hot water boilers or steam boilers from Fulton or industrial hot water heater from Fegtherm, calorimeter from Union or Alga-SDI. We can also design and tailor-make a central control system to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Precise Parallel Stream Proportional Mixing System
Precise parallel stream proportional mixing system converts the low valued industrial by-products into a useful normal city gas. It looks very simple but relies totally on the very sophisticated logic working inside our control system using extremely reliable Siemens hardware.

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