Geca Gas Safety Detector – 752 M/G

Geca Gas Safety Detector – 752 M/G


Geca Safety Gas Detector  752M Methane / 752G LPG

Origin:  Made in Italy


Detail Information:

— The detectors Beta 752M & 752G are gas detectors of methane and LPG gas that warn with optical and acoustic signals

    in the presence of gas within the environment.

— They are planned to be functioned as detected gas with relay exit.

—— The detectors are calibrated to detect gas up to 10% of the Low Explosion Limit. During the first 5 working years ,  it will

   not get over 15% of the Low explosion limit.

— Can be equipped with a solenoid cut off valve as a safety cut off device.

Also This can be Home Gas Detector 


Power Supply

230V ac , 50Hz

Power Dissipation

20mA max

Operation Temperature

-10 ºC to +40 ºC

Contacts Rating

8A 250V ac / 30V dc


30% - 90 %

Alarm Intervention

Up to 10% of the Low Explosion Limit

Time delay after switch on

About 1 min

Alarm and relay time delay

About 20 seconds

Acoustic Signalisation

85 dB ( A ) in 1 meter

Rated to

IP 42

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